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From the finest fish to
our premium Stone Crab Claws, we are approaching nine  years of service to customers around the nation. Fresh From The Boat Seafood would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our online growth and to reaffirm our ongoing commitment to
bringing you the very
finest in wild  caught,
seafood products.

Seafood Products

Cedar Key Clams
Fresh/Frozen Fish
Stone Crab Claws
Conch, Alligator etc
Jumbo Gulf Shrimp
Giant Sea Scallops
Lobster Tails
Rubs & Marinades
Prepared Seafood

seafood recipes

Orange/Ginger Grouper
Captain Bill's Fiery Grouper
Ybor City Deviled Crab Roll
Lobster Tails with Chive Butter
Lobster Cantonese
Country Fried Mango Snapper
Quick & Easy Shrimp Alfredo
Crabby Bacon Rolls
Lobster Bites
Grouper Ceviche
Gulf Shrimp Creole


Captain Bill
  The Fresh seafood products offered here represent the true taste of Florida's Suncoast.  From fresh grouper & stone crabs to an abundance of wild caught shrimp, the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico and the varied cultures of an ever-changing populace has resulted in a unique blend of tastes and flavors.    
  We hope that you will visit us and enjoy all of the fresh seafood that Florida has to offer, and during those times when you just can't get here, we will be glad to send a little Florida to you.

Captain Bill Dyer
Fresh From The Boat Seafood

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Join Us in The Villages!
Our Newest Venue....The Farmers Market at Brownwood Paddock Square!

Every Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM!

Join Us for the best in wild-caught seafood products.


Gulf TriggerFish

One of the Best Fish You've Never Tried!

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Gulf Grouper

Truly Exceptional... The most popular fish in the Gulf!

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Gulf HogFish

Seldom Offered but well worth the wait.  Order Now!

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Perfect Gifts For Any Occasion!

For The Fish Lover On Your Gift List.
A lb each of:
Chilean Sea Bass
Butterfish (Escolar)
Sashimi Grade Tuna
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Always Wild, Never Farm Raised Shipping Included:
Shipped to the door; with a card of course, anywhere in the lower 48 states.          
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Our Shellfish Sampler

The finest ocean sampler:
 2 - 8 oz Lobster Tails
 1 lb - U10 Sea Scallops
 2 lbs - Large Stone Crab Claws
 1 lb - Colossal Gulf Shrimp

Always Wild, Never Farm Raised
Shipping Included:
Shipped to the door; with a card of course, anywhere in the lower 48 states.         Click Here


What We Do Sell............

1.) Sell Only "Wild Caught , Natural Seafood.

2.) Specialize in FAS products (frozen at sea).

3.) Tirelessly search for the best "SEA" food available.

4.) Offer "GUARANTEED" low cost shipping options.

5.) Real local people - real  customer service.

AND.......What We Do Not!

1.) Never Sell Farm Raised Seafood.

2.) Never sell "previously frozen" seafood products.

3.) Never sell Chinese/Vietnam etc. farmed products.

4.) No Hidden charges. Just great Seafood at great prices.

5.) No recordings & no foreign answering service.

All Natural Seafood   Fair Pricing    Low Cost Shipping

In Partnership with our fishermen, crabbers, suppliers and shippers we  now offer Shipping Free  anywhere
in the US. 
Join our "Neighborhood Market" program and enjoy the great taste and health benefits of natural seafood & we will ship it for free.

 No Tricks and No Gimmicks - Just Good wild caught, natural seafood at fair prices.

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Just made my third order since becoming a member 1 month ago. Quality of your seafood cannot be beaten. Packaging is first class and always arrives frozen and on time. Thanks for such a great job.

Jim Hall
Ocala, Florida
Feb. 28, 2011

My order just arrived in perfect condition!! The dry ice was gone but all the small ice packs were still solidly frozen as was all the fish. Thank you for your careful and prompt service. I have always been so happy with your service and product and recommend you to my friends.

Linda Nicolay
Rochester, Minnesota
Mar. 4, 2011

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About Seafood

Terms you should know:

Seafood products that were caught in their natural habitat as opposed to being farm raised.  Wild-caught is free from the extremely high levels of antibiotics &  growth hormones commonly associated with imported farm raised products.

Sea Frozen
A term used to describe seafood that has been quick frozen at the point of harvest.  Quick freezing  can be performed on especially equipped vessels within hours of harvesting resulting in sea- food that can be delivered to the end user in exceptionally fresh condition.

Shipped Via FedEx




Our 100% guaranteed seafood delivery brings gourmet seafood  to your table. Indulge yourself or send a memorable seafood gift, or gift certificate to someone you love.

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